The idea of livelihoods in the modern world has become limited to money, wage and sustenance.  Personal joy and contentment do not figure in the idea or practice of most modern-day livelihoods, let alone one’s independence and innate creativity, which are being suppressed. Our attempt at Farmer’s Share is to facilitate and rejuvenate rural and traditional livelihoods that not only bring one joy and contentment but also meaning and dignity. 

In this regard, we focus on handicrafts, where one uses one’s head, heart, and hands to create. While the sustenance of handicrafts such as handloom weaving, natural dyeing, pottery, bamboo crafts and smithery is directly connected to carrying forward a locality’s heritage, handicrafts are also livelihoods that enable the individuals and communities involved in such pursuits to lead an autonomous and sovereign life. 

The facilitation of rural livelihoods through our work on food, clothing, shelter, pottery, and other handicrafts reinforces the idea that the fundamental needs of humans are derived from soil. This goes hand in hand with the idea of Gram Swaraj: the promotion of community self-reliance and interdependence based on the principles of dignity, justice, equity, peace, and ecological sustainability.