A Malayalam Calendar for the year 1198 (English year 17 August 2022-16 August 2023), which is completely in Malayalam. This Calendar (re)introduces Malayalam numerals along with the Malayalam days of the week and year, with months from Chingam to Karkkidakam.

The Calendar features a handmade banana paper front page. Further, the cloth month pages of each Calendar are handwoven at Farmloom, the clothing unit of Farmer’s Share set up in collaboration with Khadi India. Each page is hand-dyed with natural colours that are extracted manually from plant sources. The pages also feature screen-printed illustrations of the natural element that each page takes its colour from. 

From its inception to design, making and packaging, this Malayalam Calendar has been created by several hearts and hands. Our young friends cut the covering material to size, stitch its edges with jute twine and seal each package with a handmade clay button.

The suggested contribution for each Calendar is ₹2000. Purchasing this Calendar supports the activities of Farmer’s Share in facilitating dignified livelihoods in the areas of food and farming, clothing (weaving and natural dyeing), building and architecture, pottery and other handicrafts.

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